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Come out July 1st, 2nd, 3rd from 4-10 PM.  Spread the word


After 37 years, the College Station Fire Department's longest serving member is hanging up the boots and helmet and retiring.

Battalion Chief Thomas Goehl is taking time to focus on health, family and volunteering, but said he'll miss the bonds of friendship he shares with fellow CSFD firefighters.

Goehl was born and raised in Brazos County, and graduated from Bryan High School and Blinn College before joining the College Station Fire Department in July 1978. Goehl has risen through the ranks of the department, and his first day as a battalion chief in 1993 was the day now-Battalion Chief Robert Mumford started at the department.

"We kind of established a bond and relationship because of that," Mumford said.

Colleagues described Goehl as a talented leader who is focused on treating other firefighters with servitude and humility. He has always been interested in getting to know them and their families and has taken care of his co-workers even when off the clock.

"He's been a great leader and mentor during my career ... Everybody wanted to work with him," Mumford said.

Mike Clements, College Station firefighter and president of the College Station Firefighters Association, said the loss of Goehl from the department is a sad one.

"He is hands down the most respected guy at the fire department," Clements said. "I think it's because he understands the importance of service and working for his brothers and sisters of the fire department ... he is the epitome of a leader, and we're losing the best asset we've ever had."

Goehl is an expert in radio communications, Clements said, and was instrumental in modernizing the department's digital paging system, introducing communications technology that allowed firefighters to only be contacted when help is truly needed.

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy points in Goehl's career was his job as incident commander during the Texas A&M Bonfire collapse in 1999.

"I knew during that time I had a lot of support there," Goehl said. "That was definitely a team effort."

Goehl said over 37 years he has seen many house fires and responded to countless medical emergencies, and feels happy to have spent his life serving the public and his fellow firefighters, whom he considers his family. He said he has stayed with CSFD for multiple reasons, especially his love for the city and its people.

When asked what he thinks makes good leadership, Goehl said he always thought it was important to help a firefighter find an aspect of the job they're passionate about, make a project for them and encourage them to learn and become inspired.

"I think it's the involvement [that is what's important], getting people involved in your projects, so they know what you know."

The staff with the College Station Fire Department is planning a reception for Goehl for the near future.    THE EAGLE

 Emergency crews are on the scene of an apartment fire in College Station.   

Apartment Fire in College Station
Oct 29, 2015

COLLEGE STATION- Fire investigators have determined what caused an apartment fire Thursday morning in College Station.

The fire was determined to be electrical and was caused by a nail rubbing up against electrical wiring in the exterior stud wall of an upstairs apartment.

It happened at the Gables Apartments on University Oaks Boulevard, near George Bush Drive, in a two-story building with a total of 8 units. One upstairs unit was damaged, and the resident was relocated.

The fire forced some evacuations, and nobody was injured. (Source KBTX)

College Station Firefighters Rescue Two From Burning Apartment

COLLEGE STATION- College Station firefighters rescued two people Sunday morning from a burning apartment complex.

The fire happened just before 9:00 a.m. at the Briarwood Apartments in the 1300 block of Harvey near Highway 6.

When firefighters arrived they found two people on the second story of the complex needing help getting out.

A large amount of smoke from the burning apartment prevented the two from escaping.

Firefighters used a ladder to get the two occupants to safety.

One apartment received fire damage and others received smoke damage.

Six people and one pet have been temporarily displaced.

Apartment management is helping to relocate those affected by the fire into other units on the property.

No one was hurt.

The Fire Marshal’s division is on scene performing their preliminary investigation and a cause has not be determined.

SAFER Grant authored by College Station Professional Fire Fighters, with technical assistance provided by CSFD Administrators and the International Association of Fire Fighters funded today in amount of $758,982. See COCS Press Release Below

CSFD awarded $758K federal grant to hire new firefighters
The College Station Fire Department has received a $758,982 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to hire six new firefighters.
The department will use the funds to complete the staffing of a ladder truck assigned to Fire Station No. 6, which serves the north part of College Station and the southeast parts of Bryan. CSFD expects to fill the positions by the end of the year.
“This grant is enormously helpful in terms of funding the public safety needs of our growing community," Mayor Nancy Berry said. "The entire City Council is thankful for the fire department's aggressive and professional pursuit of this opportunity."
CSFD filed for the Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) grant with the Federal Emergency Management Agency in March. SAFER grants were created to help fire departments increase or maintain the number of trained firefighters in their communities.
“As our city continues to grow, it’s vital to seek alternative funding sources to ensure that we have the staffing levels we need to provide excellent fire service,” Fire Chief Eric Hurt said.
Chief Hurt added that credit goes to CSFD's Lt. Mike Clements for his work in writing what ultimately became the winning grant.
The City of College Station competed for these federal funds with hundreds of fire departments across the country.
Robert Mumford, CSFD Battalion Chief/Public Information Officer, 979-764-3705

Former College Station Firefighter Dies

COLLEGE STATION - A former longtime member of the College Station Fire Department has died. Bart Humphreys passed away Tuesday morning. He was 63 years old.

The former Public Information Officer for College Station fire served the department for more than 35 years. Humphreys retired from the department in July 2014.

The City of College Station says Humphreys served his department and his community with honor and distinction.

City Manager Kelly Templin posted the following message on the city's Facebook page:

"It's with tremendous sadness that I must inform you our friend and former colleague Bart Humphreys passed away this morning at the age of 63. Bart was a fixture with College Station Fire Department for decades until his recent retirement. He served his department and his community with honor and distinction and we were all better for knowing him. CSFD is working with Bart's family to provide whatever support is needed, and I'm sure more information will be made available to us in the coming days. I hope you'll join me in keeping Bart's family, friends and former coworkers in thoughts and prayers." (KBTX)

COLLEGE STATION- The Fire Marshal’s Division says the cause of Tuesday's fourplex fire on Navarro Drive was due to improperly discarded smoking materials.

Residents are sifting through their charred and water-soaked homes trying to salvage whatever they can from the fire.

A father of three says he and residents living in two other units just moved in a little more than a month ago. "They're the ones who told me there's a fire in one of the apartments. I never knew it was mine."

The resident says he quickly thought of his wife and small children who were inside when the fire broke out. "She saw the fumes and after that it quickly spread into this place. "

CART (Community Action Response Team) and the rehab team were immediately notified to assist the 10 displaced residents. Residents say the Red Cross will put them in a hotel for a couple days. The property manager says they are helping those residents get into other apartments nearby as soon as possible. (Story By KBTX Photo by The Eagle.)

Ben's Fight With Leukemia-

Ben Miller is a College Station Fire Fighter. He has been on the department for 6 years. He has been married to his wife Natalie for 11 years and they have two beautiful children Anais 8 and Quinlan 6. Sadly, this tragedy has hit the family very unexpectedly. Today Ben was diagnosed with Leukemia. Please join us in supporting our brother in his fight. May God’s loving hands guide him through this fight and help his family.

We Will Be There... Will you?

Campus View Apartment Fire

COLLEGE STATION- 21 people are without a place to live Monday night after an early morning apartment fire caused major damage at the Campus View Apartments in College Station.

Fire officials announced late Monday afternoon the cause of the fire was related to a heating unit located in the ceiling of an upstairs apartment.

News 3 looks at why the fire spread so quickly.

Flames shot out of the roof of the Campus View Apartments on Harvey Road in College Station.

Residents like Abraham Obregon were woken up by police and firefighters pounding on doors.

"We found that the building right next to ours is completely engulfed in flames. The entire roof is on fire," he said.

"Yeah this corner there was a very big flame," said Qibo Li, another resident.

Nearly 50 firefighters fought back the flames.

"At one point the fire went through the roof and we had to go into defensive mode," said Eric Dotson, College Station Fire Marshal.

"The fire pretty much traveled the whole length of the attic and exposed all the rafters and began catching them and the roof on fire and then once the roof opened up it received it's oxygen and just went into full flame effect," said Robert Mumford, College Station Fire Department Public Information Officer.

Residents grabbed what they could. Anthony McHan escaped from his building in a just a bear costume.

"It makes me wish I would have grabbed something else because all the stuff I own is about like thirty feet from that fire," he said.

Caution tape and fire crews were still on scene just after noon but things have died down significantly since the fire broke out a little after 5 A.M.. A number of residents were not home at the time of the fire and are believed to be college students still gone on winter break.

Alicia Plunkett's apartment has smoke damage.

"It was coming through our vents and it was really scary," Plunkett said.

The Red Cross and College Station CART Team are assisting.

"So that they're able to make their recovery and more importantly be able to stay in school this semester," said Curtis Eckman, Disaster Program Manager for the American Red Cross in Bryan.

"I'm happy, I thank God you know that they were able to get us and wake us up really," said Abraham Obregon.

The fire damaged 20 units.

One resident was treated on scene for smoke inhalation and two firefighters suffered minor injuries.

A cause for the fire is still under investigation.

*Previous Story*

A fire broke out at the Campus View Apartments around 5:00 a.m, off Harvey Road in College Station.

Fire crews did have it under control, but flames reignited. Building C was engulfed in flames.

Forty crew members and 14 units from both College Station and Bryan responded to the scene. The fire is now out at this time.

Apartment residents were evacuated to Rudy's BBQ restaurant just across the street. They were transferred to a nearby church and American Red Cross has arrived on scene.

Harvey road was shut between Stallings Road near Pro Tech Auto repair shop and George Bush Drive. We are now being told that George Bush has since reopened

We'll continue to update you on new details

By: Clay Falls and KBTX Staff      


Apartment Blaze


Photos by: Dave McDermand/The Eagle

Citizens Fire Academy

Citizens Fire Academy

The College Station Fire Department encourages you to apply for Citizens Fire Academy, a free program that focuses on the day-to-day operations of your local fire department. The academy is offered each spring, and meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:30–9:30 p.m., plus a Saturday session that features a live fire exercise. 2015 Program starts Jan. 20

For more information contact : Christina Seidel
Public Education Officer
Office: 979.764.3712


College Station Fire Fighters Victorious in first Political Races

As Professional Fire Fighters we are affected by policies at all levels of government. In College Station City Council Place 5, we support Julie Merrifield Schultz. As our friendly incumbent, Julie has voted for equipment to keep us safe, staffing, and increases in compensation. Julie has always had our backs and we are proud to say we have hers. Please support your local fire fighters and RE-Elect Julie Merrifield Schultz to City of College Station City Council Place 5.

As Professional Fire Fighters our careers are directly affected by federal, state, and local laws. This is why we must support elected officials and candidates that understand and care about our issues. In the Texas House Race for District 14, Republican John Raney understands keeping our defined benefit retirement plans and wants to increase benefits to fire fighters with occupational cancers. John Raney has our backs and we are proud to say that we have his. Please support your local fire fighters and RE-ELECT John Raney to Texas House of Representative, District 14

 CSFD and L-4511 Member Lauren Nolen doing her part for MDA Fill the Boot Today in

College Station 

CSFD and Local 4511 Fill the Boot for MDA Oct. 9-11th

IAFF and MDA: A Proud Partnership

The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) is the largest national sponsor of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). More than 280,000 members of the IAFF in the United States and Canada are pledged to saving lives, both as fire fighters and paramedics and as the strongest campaigners for the worldwide research efforts of MDA to eradicate 40 neuromuscular diseases. The contributions of the fire fighters also go towards MDA’s summer camps for children, professional and public health education, and other programs.

As the greatest contributor to MDA, fire fighters are everywhere in the efforts of MDA to raise money. The IAFF is the biggest sponsor of MDA’s Labor Day Telethon and it contributed a record breaking $23.5 million in year 2006 as a consequence of the overwhelming enthusiasm and contribution of tens and thousands of fire fighters and paramedics across the US and Canada. IAFF members have donated nearly $275 million to MDA since 1954.

The IAFF raised millions of dollars throughout the entire year through their passionate Fill the Boot campaigns, in which fire fighters greet motorists, shoppers and others and ask them to donate money to MDA. This year’s upcoming IAFF-MDA events are expected to raise even more to cure these crushing illnesses.

The marriage between the devotion of fire fighters with the cause of MDA has emerged as one of the strongest example of selflessness in the history of charity, and IAFF General President Harold A. Schaitberger is committed to elevating this tradition to even higher levels. The IAFF is designing a plan to further expand and enhance the IAFF’s relationship and role with MDA.

Over the ensuing decades, the commitment of the professional fire fighters to the cause of MDA has further elevated their status as extraordinary professionals who not only put their lives at stake to save citizens from ruthless flames, but also give their time to save the lives of the innocent from equally merciless neuromuscular diseases. The devotion of IAFF members has not only helped MDA, but also united fire fighters in a community where they share their team strength and brotherhood to give better meaning to lives and hope for the future.

Sept. 6, 2014

College Station Professional Fire Fighters Make a fast attack on Game Day House Fire Great Job B-Shift Station 6 first in

College station firefighters were called out to the 400 block of Esienhower just before 2 today.

Firefighters say the biggest problem in fighting the fire was getting access to the house due to so many cars parked along both sides of the street.

The cause of the fire is unknown and still under investigation. (KBTX)

Rebuilding Our Memorial to the Fallen

The hallowed grounds of the IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial are a place where thousands gather every September to celebrate and honor the lives of IAFF members who have died in the line of duty during the past year. Hundreds more make private pilgrimages throughout the year.

"This memorial is very important to our members, the families of the fallen and to this union," says General President Harold Schaitberger.

Therefore, to ensure the integrity of the site remains intact for future generations of fire fighters and their families, the IAFF will be putting forth a resolution at the 2014 Convention for reconstructing the entire Memorial site.

"We owe it to our members and the families to make sure the names of the fallen are never forgotten," says Schaitberger.

An important element of the proposed rebuild is to preserve the current names and provide additional space to add names.

Since the granite walls were erected in 1989 and in 2002, more than 2,800 names of fallen members have been etched. Currently, the Memorial includes the names of the fallen since 1976. Local by local, the IAFF has researched every member killed in the line of duty since 1918 through to 1975, and those names (3,469 members) would be added to the new Memorial under the proposed plan.

The plan also calls for additional seating to accommodate the families of the fallen during the annual Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial observance each September. Currently, the area seats 2,500. Attendance is typically 5,000, but reached 10,000 in 2002 after 347 IAFF members made the ultimate sacrifice on September 11, 2001.

The IAFF has called on Colorado urban landscape and architecture design firm Thomas and Thomas to develop a plan to rebuild the site to meet current needs, as well as provide for expansion.

Thomas and Thomas has assessed the land and environmental factors, considered the need to preserve the statue and other elements and presented several proposals of varying levels of change.

The proposed plans include overarching themes of family, honor, pride and community. In addition, the entry would be more prominent and include more prestigious signage and landscaping to emphasize the park's integrity.

The goal is for members and families to feel they are honoring the fallen the minute they arrive at the Memorial.

Additionally, the Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial would be reconfigured with Pikes Peak as the backdrop so families face the statue of a fire fighter descending a ladder holding a child. The shift would also allow the space to accommodate more than 5,000 seats.

The proposals also call for new granite walls of varying sizes and heights to be raised in arcs around the main statue, and include all of the names etched in previous years with room for a total of 11,500.

The IAFF estimates it would take up to 30 more years before these walls are filled. The former honor walls would then be repurposed for special paving to be known as the Family Ring to symbolize and embrace the families during the annual observance.

The final element is the Guardians–statues sculpted as Honor Guard members. These statues are designed to stand in the periphery as quiet overseers of guests and honorees. "The new Memorial would, as it always has, belong to the IAFF membership," says Schaitberger.

The IAFF estimates the cost to complete the project at $3.5 million.

If approved by delegates at Convention, the rebuild would begin immediately following the September 2014 service and be completed in time for the September 2015 observance.

The Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial is a permanent remembrance of the courageous fire fighters and emergency medical personnel who have lost their lives in the line of duty. By ensuring these brave men and women are never forgotten, the Memorial provides support to the families of these heroes who gave their lives in service to others.

The Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial, one of the funds within the IAFF Charitable Foundation, was founded in 1976 and the first granite walls were erected in 1989. An annual Memorial observance is held each year in September in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

COLLEGE STATION - A mother expecting a child was reportedly experiencing contractions and was set to make a visit to a local hospital to check it out. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to stop the mother.

Heavy rains flooded Highway 30 between Highway 6 and the entrance to College Station's Veterans Park, and the vehicle the mother was in got stuck in a long stretch of high water shortly after midnight Friday.

First responders and TxDOT officials coordinated a plan. A College Station Fire Department fire truck slowly made its way east across the flooded Highway 30, loaded the mother into the truck, then kept going east to a waiting vehicle, which took Mom through Veterans Park to University Drive, then on to the College Station Medical Center.

A supervisor at The Med tells News 3 the mother and soon-to-be-born child are fine. It will be the second child for the woman, but it is unclear if the birth was imminent or if the contractions were a false alarm (KBTX)

Election filing for city council candidates starts July 19

Posted Date: 7/8/2014

Candidates for the College Station City Council can file for a place on the November ballot starting July 19. The filing period ends Aug. 18.

Places 1, 3 and 5 are up for full three-year terms in the Nov. 4 general election. All three are at-large seats.

Candidates must be at least 18 years old, U.S. citizens, qualified Texas voters, and College Station residents for at least one year prior to Election Day.

Candidate information packets are available at the City Secretary’s Office at College Station City Hall, which is located at 1101 Texas Avenue. For an online overview of council duties and responsibilities, go to

For additional information, contact City Secretary Sherry Mashburn at 979.764.3519 or For voter registration information, go to

HFD: Firefighter dies from injuries suffered during Kingwood house fire

Wednesday, July 09, 2014
A veteran Houston firefighter has died from injuries he suffered in a two-alarm blaze at a Kingwood home.

The victim has been identified as Station 104 paramedic and firefighter Daniel Groover. He has been with the department since 1993.

Authorities say Groover was one of several firefighters who responded this afternoon to a house in the 1400 block of Mistletoe Lane near Redbud.

Houston Fire Department Spokesman Ruy Lozano says a rapid intervention crew immediately went to search for him and they found him lying on the ground. Firefighters pulled him out of home and began administering CPR.

Lozano says Groover was transported to Kingwood Medical Center in "extremely critical condition."

Authorities say they've now determined no one was inside the home at the time of the fire, but firefighters were acting on the assumption that may have been the case.

Groover is married and has three adult sons.

The cause of the fire will be under investigation.

No other details were immediately available. (13 Eyewitness News Houston)

B/CS Ranks Among America’s Best for Recession Recovery

Bryan and College Station have been ranked among the top cities in America — fifth and seventh, respectively — in terms of their recovery from The Great Recession.

NerdWallet, which describes itself as “a consumer-friendly financial literacy website that helps consumers make better decisions about their personal finances and more,” released the rankings Monday.

Beginning in 2007, the U.S. housing market was devastated, leading to declines in consumer spending, business investment and employment. The recession officially ended in June 2009, and some communities — eight out of the top 10 cities on the NerdWallet list are in Texas — have sped toward recovery at a quicker pace than others.

In considering 510 of the largest U.S. cities, NerdWallet analyzed the labor and housing markets, to produce the following rankings:
Most-Improved Cities since the Recession

1. McAllen
2. Midland
3. San Angelo
4. Fargo, ND
5. Bryan
6. Chattanooga, TN
7. College Station
8. Odessa
9. Edinburg
10. Amarillo

NerdWallet researchers said unemployment in Bryan fell (2009-2012) while income and home values increased, indicating local economic growth. The company recognized Texas A&M University, Bryan ISD and Sanderson Farms as top employers.

For College Station, NerdWallet researchers pointed to the city’s median household income increasing nearly 32 percent — the highest surge of any city in the nation (2009-2012). College Station, Bryan and Texas A&M’s collaborative development of The Research Valley Partnership was highlighted as a positive boost to the local economy. (KBTX June 24,2014)

June 23, 2014

College Station Professional Fire Fighters

Respond to Hazardous Materials situation

following a train derailment in Navasota


A train derailment in Grimes County has prompted the closure of Texas 6 as authorities deal with a hazardous materials spill.

The Union Pacific train derailed about 7 a.m. in Navasota.The accident involved about 8 rail cars.

One of the cars was a tanker carrying a rust inhibitor that spilled, officials said. The chemical was corrosive, but not toxic, according to a Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper on the scene.

The cause is not yet known.

Traffic is being diverted to Spur 515 and to Business 6 through Navasota. It is not known when Texas 6 will reopen. (The Eagle)

College Station Professional Fire Fighters 2nd Quarter Trash Pick Up June 22, 2014.

Thanks to all the guys that came out to help

June 20, 2014

****Reminder: Adopt-a-street trash pickup has been moved to Sunday June 22 at 7:30 am. Park in the dirt lot across from PD. Thanks. *********

June 18, 2014

College Station Professional Fire Fighters make quick work of a commercial business fire near Northgate

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - A fire in the Northgate area left two businesses damaged.

The fire broke out around 3:20 Wednesday afternoon at Lippman Music and the adjoining Jin's Asian Cafe on Nagle Street.

Bart Humphries with the College Station Fire Department said it took crews about 20 minutes to knock out the flames. Investigators said the damage was limited to the awnings and roof of the businesses.

Lippman Music Store owner Brian Lippman told News 3 there is no damage to the inside of his shop, but he's seen better days. He was out of town attending his father's funeral when he got the news about the fire.

Lippman said his store will be back open for business on Thursday, and there may even be a good fire sale.

Humphries says they believe the fire was accidental, but the exact cause is under investigation by the College Station Fire Marshal’s Office. (KBTX)

June 14, 2014

CSFD Local 4511 members Bear Moore and Jeff Keefauver Play in the 2014 Lt. Greg Pickard Memorial Golf Tournament to support Bryan Local 1204 

June 13, 2014


CSFD Members Jeremy Engel, Cody Pinner, Tom Ferguson, Ben Miller and Stewart Mars

Fire Fighters Win Community Softball Classic

"A Tribute and Salute to our First Responders"

Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park
Friday, June 13, 2014
6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Our two cities and surrounding area are teaming up to give you an evening of Softball, Police Departments -v- Fire Departments.

Local 4511 Member Andy Throne shows off new Automated Alerting System for College Station Fire Fighters. 

Susan works all day and night without a bathroom break. She doesn't get vacation days and sometimes has trouble with her vowels.

Susan is an automated alert for College Station firefighters that is saving them 15 to 18 seconds in response time, according to a department spokesman.

"A fire doubles in size every 30 seconds," said Bob Radtke, communications manager for the College Station Police Department, which houses the city's dispatch center. "Fifteen seconds is a very long time to be on fire. If you are in a situation where that's happened to you, 15 seconds can be an eternity. Just a few seconds might make the difference for firefighters being on time or too late."

Susan comes over the station's PA system as soon as a 911 operator enters minimal information needed to respond to an emergency into the system. Fire department spokesman Bart Humphreys said Susan and the Westnet system have helped firefighters reduce their "turnout time," the amount of time from when a station gets alerted to when the trucks get moving, to less than 90 seconds 86 to 87 percent of the time. That's up from 80 percent before the system was installed.

Firefighters installed the $558,300 Westnet alerting system a year ago with funding from the FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant and the city of College Station to replace a previous alerting system built in-house that was proving difficult to maintain and upgrade.

While the new system has its benefits in improving how firefighters do their jobs, it's also aimed at keeping them healthy.

The alerting system in the stations includes dorm remotes that allow firefighters to program alerts for specific units. Therefore, a paramedic could program the dorm remote to only go off when the ambulance gets called out, allowing him to continue sleeping if he's not needed on a call. Once an alert does come through in the middle of the night, however, it's in low tones and a soft voice, instead of a bell that previously "jolted you out of bed," Battalion Chief Thomas Goehl said.

"It's designed to be easier on the guys' heart and blood pressure," firefighter Andy Throne said, noting that the leading cause of death among firefighters is heart disease.

Not only has the new system benefited firefighters and the people they protect, it's streamlined the process for dispatchers, Radtke said. It also allows them to stay on the line with someone who might need instructions for CPR instead of having to put them on hold to dispatch a unit. That's when Susan takes over.

Firefighters will continue working to tweak California-born Susan's pronunciation as needed.

One day, they hope to teach her to put the emphasis on the first syllable of highway. (The Eagle)

Local 4511 Members Andy Thorne, Thomas Goehl, and Jason Neuendorff Find Fix for Emergency Radios “Going Digital”

Special Thanks to City of College Station Council Member James Benham for helping us with this serious problem 

College Station firefighters have found trouble spots around town that sometimes make it difficult to communicate over the radio.

On Thursday, the City Council approved the use of contingency funds to fix the problem by purchasing and installing mobile repeaters, devices that retransmit radio signals on units responding to fires.

“It’s a life-saving device,” said Firefighter Andy Throne, who has been researching solutions to the problem for about a year.

Firefighters started noticing the issue in certain university buildings and nearby apartments last year. There were times when firefighters standing feet away could not communicate due to various factors, including building materials and bunker gear, that did not allow their radios to connect with the radio tower, Battalion Chief Thomas Goehl said.

While firefighters are intermittently faced with the dial tone that means they have no signal, Goehl said first responders can’t afford to take the risk of losing communication when in a dangerous situation.

Emergency personnel in the area use the digital Brazos Valley-Wide Area Communications System to communicate with dispatch and each other, but that technology requires a firefighter to speak into a radio that sends the signal to a radio tower that then transmits the information back to dispatch and fellow firefighters. It all happens in an instant, but if the firefighter’s radio signal can’t reach the tower, he can no longer communicate with colleagues in the same building.

While the digital system works well for most of their needs, Goehl said the use of the analog radio and repeater will be a good fix for those interior structural fires where digital radio doesn’t always work.

Installing the repeaters, which each cost about $2,700 for a total of $29,700, would allow firefighters to use an analogue radio channel to communicate more reliably with one another in those situations, Goehl said.

“When I’m on a fire [here], I don’t need to talk to Houston,” Throne said. “I need to talk to the firefighters 100 feet away from me.”

But analog radio doesn’t record communications or transmit signals to dispatch. That’s where the repeater comes in. It connects firefighters on the analog channel with dispatch and the digital channel.

While researching the fix, College Station firefighters met with those in Phoenix and New York who were having similar issues. Bryan Fire Chief Randy McGregor said his firefighters have not encountered the problem in Bryan.

The fix will increase safety and reliability for firefighters on a scene because, if the other technology were to fail, they would be able to maintain firefighter-to-firefighter communications, Goehl said.

“It definitely gives firefighters the sense of assurance that they’re getting out, that their signal is being heard,” he added. (The Eagle)

Special thanks to Ben Miller, Project Manager for Adopt-A-Street, and all the Local 4511 members that picked up trash yesterday. Just one more way our members make a difference every day!

Charity Ball to Benefit Firefighters Burned in the Line of Duty

Posted: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 13:20
Updated: Tuesday, March 11, 2014
  • Charity Ball to Benefit Firefighters Burned in the Line of Duty

College Station -- The 2014 College Station Fire Fighters Charity Ball will be held Saturday March 29, 2014 at Pebble Creek Country Club in College Station. The proceeds will benefit the Helping Heroes Burn Foundation.

Helping Heroes Burn Foundation was established in 2013 following the Knights of Columbus Hall fire in Bryan, Texas. Money raised from this event will support firefighters and their families during their time of need. Associated costs of burns can include lodging for family, medical expenses, food, and travel.

The event will feature dinner, dancing, and a silent auction. Tickets are $65 for couples and $40 for individuals. Tickets can be purchased at Sponsorship opportunities are also available. For more information, contact College Station Professional Firefighters Association President Mike Clements at 303-929-3762.

Thank You to all our 2014 College Station Fire Fighter's Charity Ball Sponsors. This event would not be possible without your generosity.

Bryan Fire Department

Firefighter Memorial

February 15, 2014




February 15 marks one year from the date of the Knights of Columbus Hall fire that claimed the life of two Bryan firefighters and seriously injured two others.  The Bryan Fire Department will hold a memorial service at 4:00 p.m. Saturday, February 15, to commemorate the events of that tragic day.

The public is invited to attend the memorial service, which will be held in front of the Clara B. Mounce library in downtown Bryan.  Following the ceremony, Bryan Fire Department pipes and drums will lead a procession to Murphy’s Law in downtown Bryan.

The memorial service will include comments by Bryan City officials and Bryan Fire Department leadership, presentation of a memorial wreath, and dedication of the memorial wall.   Firefighters Ricky Mantey and Mitch Moran, who suffered serious burns while attempting to rescue one of their own, will participate in the memorial.  The families of Lt. Eric Wallace and Lt. Greg Pickard, who gave their lives in the line of duty, will also be present.

“We felt it was right and appropriate to hold this firefighter memorial service on the one year anniversary of this event which deeply impacted the lives so many in the Fire Department family and the community.  We hope this solemn occasion allows our firefighters, their families and the entire community the opportunity to reflect with pride upon the sacrifice of these brave men and their families, while looking to the future with hope and thanksgiving for the brave individuals who are the Bryan Fire Department.”

Media:  Due to the solemnity of the occasion, we ask that individual interviews not be requested immediately prior to, during or immediately after the ceremony.

For more information:

Mary Lynne Stratta  979-209-5002

ATTACHMENT:  Firefighter Memorial Program

Live to bark another day: College Station Firefighters rescue Doberman from house fire (BCS EAGLE)

Zeus was on the living room couch when the fire broke out.

That's where firefighters found the unconscious, adult male Doberman when they entered a home in the 600 block of Hartford Drive off Victoria Road in College Station Friday and immediately provided him with oxygen.

He was taken to the Wellborn Road Veterinary Medical Center for treatment for smoke inhalation and will remain there for at least one night, said Dr. Brittany Frank, the veterinarian on his case.

While Zeus has improved since arriving at the medical center and is able to walk on his own, Frank said he's not out of the woods yet.

He has signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, is receiving oxygen through a tube in his nose, is taking pain medication and was given plenty of fluids to combat shock, Frank said.

First responders were called to the scene at 1:20 p.m. to find heavy smoke coming from a front room in the home.

No one was inside at the time except for Zeus.

Firefighters had the fire under control by 2 p.m. and were able to contain the fire damage to the master bedroom and the attic space above the room, according to a press release from the College Station Fire Department. There was smoke damage throughout the home, however, displacing three roommates.

While it's believed that the fire started in the master bedroom, College Station fire marshals are investigating what caused it.

As for Zeus, Frank described him as a "sweetheart" who has been very well-behaved. He will be monitored for infections and will slowly be weaned off oxygen over the next few days.

"Kudos to firefighters for getting oxygen on Zeus right way," Frank said. "That makes a huge difference."

Tickes Available for College Station Fire Fighters and Family Now

                           Check out the online store to purchase pre-sale tickets.

CSFD and Local 4511 Members make a quick stop on a residential fire while rescuing two dogs on December 26. Nice Job "C" Shift

College Station Professional Fire Fighters Holiday Parade float

Special Thanks to the College Station Citizen’s Fire Academy Alumni Association for all your help.

Congratulations to all CSFD and Local 4511 members on Promotions, Inductions, and Retirements

Please try and attend the ceremony December 4, 2013 at the George Bush Presidential Library on the Campus of Texas A&M University at 7:00pm


  • Fire Chief R.B. Alley- 8 years with CSFD & 32 years with Virginia Beach Fire Rescue
  • Battalion Chief Fred Rapczyk -35 Years of Service
  • Lieutenant Pat Quinlan- 33.5 Years of Service
  • Administrative Assistant Shirley Cook-29 Years of Service


  • Captain Joe Warren - Battalion Chief
  • Lieutenant Robert Mumford – Captain
  • Driver / Engineer  Matt Brunson – Lieutenant
  • Driver / Engineer Lewis Clinkscales – Lieutenant
  • Driver / Engineer  Kevin Simmons - Lieutenant
  • Fire Fighter First Class Michael Middleton – Driver/Engineer
  • Fire Fighter First Class Lauren Nolen – Driver/Engineer
  • Fire Fighter First Class Jason Murrell – Driver/Engineer

New Hires

  • Joseph Valdez
  • Jeffrey Keefauver
  • Damon Crowder
  • Joshua Rahmani

Service Awards

First Name

Last Name

Hire Date


Years of Service




Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department





Fire Department


Congratulations Steve Aldrich elected to City of College Station City Council, Place 2

City of College Station, City Council, Place 2

100% Reporting

Steve Aldrich



College Station Professional Fire Fighters Association partners with Brazos Bingo

The College Station Professional Fire Fighters Association has partnered with Brazos Bingo, Scotty’s House Brazos Valley Child Advocacy Center, St. Joseph Catholic Church, Brazos Valley Council on Alcohol & Substance Abuse Center, St. Joseph Catholic School, and Bubba Moore Memorial Group in conducting charitable bingo.  CSPFFA will use the charitable bingo money for fire related training, to assist the College Station Fire Department Pipe and Drums Team, and continue to support our community.  Some of the organizations we have  recently supported  include The 100 Club, College Station FFA, 5 K Run for Remembrance, The National Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation, The Muscular Dystrophy Association, and The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  The money received from this partnership will help us make a big difference for our members and the organizations we support. Thank You Brazos Bingo!!!!

CSFD, Local 4511 members, and College Station City Council Present a check for over $41,000 to Gulf Coast MDA

College Station Fire Department raised over $41,000 for local MDA families!

That is an increase over $15,000 from last year! Cheers to your success!

Thank you College Station Firefighters for being MDA Heroes!

MDA Summer Camp – Camp for All Burton, TX

Congratulations to Kelly Templin named new City Manager last night by CS City Council

The College Station City Council has appointed Kelly Templin as its new city manager. The announcement and unanimous vote occurred following the council’s executive session Thursday evening.

About Kelly Templin
Templin is a third-generation Aggie who has served as city manager of Seabrook, Texas, since 2011, and has led numerous economic development and infrastructure improvement efforts in that city. For more than two decades, Templin has worked in and with municipal governments:

· 2011-present: City Manager, Seabrook, Texas
· 2007-2011: Deputy City Manager, Seabrook, Texas
· 2004-2007: Principal, IPS Group, planning/development consultancy
· 2002-2004: Director of Development Services, College Station
· 1996-2002: Director of Planning, Auburn, Ala.
· 1994-1996: Director of Planning/Historic Preservation Administrator, Oxford, Ohio
· 1993-1994: Director of Planning, Seabrook, Texas

Templin holds two degrees from Texas A&M University: a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design (1987) and a master’s degree in Urban & Regional Planning (1991).

“I’m honored and humbled by the opportunity to return to the community that my family and I love so much,” Templin said. “I look forward to working with the city council, staff and citizens to make College Station the best city it can be.”

A specific start date for Templin has not yet been determined, but Mayor Nancy Berry said the city council and staff should expect a relatively easy learning curve for the new city manager.

“In many ways, Kelly has never stopped being part of this community,” Mayor Berry said. “He and his family are here quite often; they have great friends here; and he already has long-standing relationships with the City of Bryan, Texas A&M University and many other important stakeholders. Our future is very bright.”

Templin will fill the vacancy created when City Manager Frank Simpson suffered a fatal heart attack on April 27 — only a few weeks after being appointed by the College Station City Council. Deputy City Manager Kathy Merrill was subsequently named interim city manager until a search could be completed. (KBTX.COM)

RIP Fire Chief Magazine. 

The 57 year old publication is closing effective Friday November 22, 2013.

Career firefighters at elevated risk!

Attention!!!!  Take a minute to read this, it's worth your time!


October 17, 2013 – A new study conducted by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) on mortality and cancer incidence in career fire fighters shows an elevated risk of several types of cancer - and of all cancers combined - compared to the general U.S. population.

NIOSH Study Reinforces Link Between Fire Fighting and Cancer

Firefighter iPhone Apps

Check out member resources Iphone apps for more helpful applications.

Fire Logger

An easy and simply log for the events specific to fire activity to avoid fumbling for paper/pencil during an emergency.

download Fire Logger iPhone
Rescue Field Guide iPhone Rescue Field Guide

Packed with valuable charts, diagrams, and how-to information withcustomizable notes and favorites. Free for Apple and Android devices.

download Rescue Field Guide iPhone
911 Toolkit iPhone Emergency Response Guidebook

Have the hazardous material information in your hand when responding.

download 911 Toolkit iPhone
911 Toolkit iPhone 911 Toolkit

Your pocket reference for hydraulics, water delivery, incident response checklist, EMS, training/study guides, and hazmat.

download 911 Toolkit iPhone
Fire Pump Calculator iPhone Fire Pump Calculator

Calculation tool for determining discharge pressure for firefighting pumps.

download 911 Toolkit iPhone
Emergency Radio iPhone Medical Spanish

Eloquent and thorough phrasebook is like having a personal interpreter on call 24/7 in your pocket for a price less than a burrito

download 911 Toolkit iPhone
Emergency Radio iPhone Emergency Radio

Listen to thousands of live police, fire, EMS, railroad, air traffic, NOAA weather, coast guard, and other emergency frequencies.

download 911 Toolkit iPhone
Occupancy iPhone Occupancy

The Occupancy Mobile App is a revolutionary tool that allows users to manage Occupancy data in the field.

Download Occupany iPhone
ShiftPro Fire iPhone ShiftPro

ShiftPro is a Firefighter shift calendar and a shift trade monitor developed by a firefighter for firefighters.

download ShiftPro Fire iPhone
EMS Tracker - EMT, Fire and Ambulance GPS Log

EMS Tracker is a time and distance tracker for Emergency Services. If you are tired of manually tracking your mileage and time, you can let EMS Tracker take care of this for you.

download 12 Lead Challeng iPhone

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Upcoming Events
2016 Q3 Membership Meeting.
Jul 11, 2016
Wings N More Party Room
Executive Board Meeting
Aug 01, 2016
IHOP Highway 6 in Bryan. 758 North Earl Rudder Freeway Bryan, TX 77802
Executive Board Meeting
Sep 05, 2016
IHOP Highway 6 in Bryan. 758 North Earl Rudder Freeway Bryan, TX 77802
2016 Q4 Membership Meeting
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Wings N More Party Room
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